Network Virtualization and Automation: North America Analysis

North America NightA content piece from research consultancy, Infonetics, found that 45% of enterprises will have SDN live in production in their data centers in 2015, and it will rise to 87% in 2016

With this in mind, last week we conducted a survey with more than 50 telecommunications professionals from throughout North America (and some in LATAM) to identify the key challenges surrounding the development and deployment of both SDN & NFV

Page GrabYou can view the full analysis right here

The survey addresses key areas including:

• When carriers believe they will be at a point where SDN & NFV can be launched into live networks
• What the major roadblocks are in terms of the final steps towards deployment
• What are the most attractive and feasible use cases for SDN & NFV

Don’t forget, this piece was produced in conjunction with IIR’s 3rd Annual Network Virtualization Forum, North America (6-7 October, Dallas)

Bringing together virtualization and automation experts from the likes of CenturyLink, AT&T, Verizon, SingTel USA, NTT North America, Equinix, Cox Communications, Telus and Sprint, the forum will aim to answer the ultimate question; how can we make SDN & NFV a reality?

Download the full e-brochure right here

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