Quick Thought: Network Virtualization; Are we further behind than we think?

Firstly, although the title might be slightly misleading, a recent conversation highlighted that we’re not as close to “Virtualization” as we think.

The discussion focused on the idea of Inter-Network Service Delivery or Traversing through Third-Party Networks. The case-in-point was around on how far along the road we currently are when you take into account the idea of “Regionalized Traffic Management”

RoadblockOur American counterparts are unlikely to experience this challenge; for the major players, the bulk of traffic remains on their own networks from end-to-end, with maybe the “last mile” being delivered by a third-party. This is pretty much as close to 100% Service Delivery that we are likely to see at any point in the near future

But how about the European and Asian operators?

This is where we are likely to see the roadblocks, as Inter-Network Service Delivery or Traversing through Third-Party Networks is a much more common practise. The question that needs to be asked is how traffic remains on your network from operator to customer? In Asia and Europe this is very rarely 100%.

Should this be an issue? Not on the surface.

That said, when you consider the lack of standardization in the industry currently, the transition between networks may be less than efficient.

First and foremost, there is not as of yet a Common Information Model to ensure that all operators are “singing of the same hymn sheet”. Without a standardized approach to service delivery, the management of traffic between third-party networks is highly unlikely to be real-time. In most cases, ad-hoc service agreements will have to be set-up between all an operators partners and for each of the individual products separately.quizzical-puppy

This makes the roadblock substantially larger. However, once you add the condition that the vendors are also not currently standardized it once again increases the challenge.

Finally, add the variety of products, along with the manner in which these products are built, managed and delivered, and the task grows once again.

Without standardizing the approach to NGN development, deployment and management, as well as establishing a Common Information Model, the true concept of virtualization will always be just out of the grasp of European and Asian operators…

IIR’s Network Virtualization World Series will be place throughout the second-half of this year, to discuss the final efforts to develop, deploy and monetize both SDN and NFV, follow the links below for more information on each of the conferences:

Europe Logo

15-17 September 2015, Melia Avenida, Madrid


USA logo

6-8 October 2015, Crowne Plaza, Dallas


Asia Logo

2-3 December 2015, Suntec, Singapore

Email jamie.davies@iir-telecoms.com for more information


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