Interview with Eric Loos, Senior Product Manager, BICS

Ahead of Network Virtualization Forum 2015, we’ve conducted an exclusive interview with Eric Loos from BICS, about his upcoming contribution and his opinions on the key challenges and developments regarding the SDN & NFV landscape.

Eric will also be participating at the conference to discuss the launch of a new BICS solution which will enable on-demand activation of satellite capacity, tracking the status of links in the network

Eric Loos InterviewWould you be able to go into detail regarding your experience in the industry and your current role?

My background in telecoms is on the engineering side of telecoms networks and I have been following the SDN/NFV evolution since late 2011. In my new Product Management role that I took on round the same time, I saw the potential to bring new products to market and to increase the service velocity.

What excites you about the implementation of SDN and NFV technologies?

For standardized services, it promises to significantly speed up service implementation and deployment. At the same time the use of shared resources rather than dedicated infrastructure reduces the risk of product introduction significantly. And last but not least, SDN allows the development of niche services.

How far away do you think we are before we start to see some real-world impacts?

SDN is fluid enough a concept to claim that some things are already there, e.g. solutions in hosting centres and the like. I am quite certain that many developments are ongoing and that we will see services being released in the coming 12 months based on these technologies.

What is holding back SDN and NFV technologies at the moment?

I would guess that the large uptake of SDN based implementations will come as of the moment that vendors will start replying to RFP’s with SDN/NFV based solutions, most customers will not adopt SDN/NFV for the sake of it.

Is there a solution in the near future?

Carrier grade solutions must be available before vendors will have the confidence to propose solutions to large scale deployments based on it. However I think that the provisioning side of SDN will pick up steam soon enough

And are there any drawbacks which you are slightly concerned about?

I am afraid that we will have a lot of ‘old wine in new bags’ as vendors are trying to ride the SDN and NFV wave by reintroducing their old approaches under a new banner. In itself not such an issue, but perhaps a lot of previous failed initiatives will pollute the new SDN approach.

Are you able to offer any insight into the projects which you are working on at the moment?

We are working on an SDN based traffic management solution offered as a service to help operators face the challenges of ever increasing network demands and diminishing returns per bit.

What other projects have caught your attention?

Opendaylight is clearly the project pulling ahead and I am waiting how vendors will adopt this standard approach. It is interesting to see where the pure SDN vendors will evolve.

Finally, what are your predictions for the remainder of 2015?

I am quite sure that we will see the results of the first won projects based on SDN based architectures, mainly in the orchestration of services and in virtual machine mobility. I doubt we will see completely new applications that would only be possible with SDN

If you can provide insight and a business case for the implementation of SDN and NFV in a real-world environment, I’d be very interested in hearing from you.

During September (16-17), IIR’s 4th Annual Network Virtualization Forum, will be taking place in Madrid. With speakers already confirmed from the likes of Deutsche Telekom, Telecom Italia, ETSI NFV ISG, MEF, du, Portugal Telecom, Telefonica, INTUG, BICS, TeliaSonera and T-Systems, the conference will address the more practical side of SDN & NFV; what is the roadmap to deployment and how can we monetize the networks?

If you have an interest in attending or speaking at the meeting, drop me through a quick email.

Jamie Davies:

NV Europe

4th Annual Network Virtualization Forum, Europe
16-17 September 2015 (with a LSO pre-conference workshop hosted by MEF on the 15th)
Melia Avenida, Madrid

Pre-order the conference brochure right here


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