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NV Europe ETSI Endorsement

IIR is thrilled to announce that the European Telecommunications Standards Institute – ETSI – has confirmed that it will be the Official Endorser of IIR’s 4th Annual Network Virtualization Forum, Europe.

The forum itself will feature a 4-hour session, exclusively dedicated to ETSI NFV ISG Working Groups:

  • ETSI Director of Community Support David Boswarthick will act as Chairperson of the Working Group Focus session
  • Unique presentation from the likes of NFV ISG NOC Vice-Chairperson Klaus Martiny, NFV ISG TST Chairperson Francisco-Javier Ramon, NFV ISG TST Chairperson Marcus Schoeller, NFV ISG SEC Chairperson Igor Faynberg and NFV ISG IFA Raquel Morera focusing on progress made, and future objectives of the individual working groups
  • Interactive Polling Session to stimulate debate surrounding the future of Next Generation Networking technologies and business models
  • Round-table sessions to be hosted by the ETSI NFV ISG representatives to discuss future plans for the group and listen to feedback from you and your industry peers
  • ETSI will also have a stand within the exhibition area for more in-depth conversations or any additional questions which you might have

For more information on the conference, drop me through a quick email – jamie.davies@iir-telecoms.com

Pre-register for the brochure right here

ETSI Endorsement

NV Europe

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