Unblocking the Cloud Connectivity Bottleneck

bti_logo_2CBTI Intelligent Cloud Connect
Unblocking the Cloud Connectivity Bottleneck

Businesses and consumers are increasingly turning to the cloud for a vast array of applications and services. Cloud computing redefines the way applications are implemented and executed, and introduces complex network engineering and capacity planning challenges for content, cloud and service providers. Conventional networking solutions based on legacy optical, switching, and routing equipment are too costly for the cloud. BTI Intelligent Cloud Connect is the first cloud connectivity platform specifically designed for today’s highly virtualized and elastic service environments.

This white paper reviews cloud-networking implications and explains how BTI’s Intelligent Cloud Connect platform enables content providers, cloud providers, and service providers to create highly programmable network fabrics that meet the stringent performance, scale, and service innovation demands of the cloud, with breakthrough economics.

Cloud Connectivity Challenges

The cloud is fundamentally transforming the way applications are delivered and consumed, and is dramatically impacting the way networks are designed and managed. In the business world, organizations are migrating to on demand, cloudbased services to improve business agility and contain costs. In the consumer world, users are flocking to the cloud for a wide variety of applications and entertainment services from social media and gaming; to music and video streaming; to content sharing, storage, and backup.

The cloud introduces significant capacity planning and traffic engineering challenges. By 2016 nearly two-thirds of all workloads will be processed in the cloud, and nearly two-thirds of all data center traffic will be cloud-based1. Server and desktop virtualization solutions, clustered computing2, and Web application architectures dramatically alter traffic flows and volumes both inside and outside the data center. A new breed of networking solutions is required to meet the increased performance, scalability, and service innovation demands of the cloud.

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