Four steps to SDN

SDN3With Software Defined Networking (SDN) generating a lot of interest at MWC, there are plenty of approaches jockeying for position. Networking equipment vendor Juniper Networks recently came out with its own contribution and a four-step approach to implementing the concept.

Juniper comes from the traditional IP networking world, following the transition to IP in the telco space and the company believes there are just four steps in the transition to SDN. These are: extract services; centralise management; centralise controller; and optimise the hardware.

Mike Marcellin, SVP, strategy & marketing at Juniper, told that so far “SDN has focused on the separation of the forwarding and control plane, and while that’s important we need to address the superset of what traditionalists call SDN. The challenges that both operators and enterprises face in terms of what SDN can solve, encompass all four layers.”

Click here to read the full article


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