“We need a game-changer, and SDN seems to be the way to go…”

Speaker at SDN & NFV Asia 2013
Speaker at SDN & NFV Asia 2013

In conversation with SDN & NFV World Series producer Tim Skinner, Shahar shares his thoughts on the inevitability of SDN, how it will benefit the Carrier in years to come, what will need to happen to make SDN the norm, what’s happening at PCCW, and much more.

Tim: Shahar, thanks for joining us today; would you say that SDN is inevitable for most major operators?
Shahar: “I view SDN as the next natural evolution of carrier services, similar to what MPLS has been in the previous decade and what Carrier-Ethernet has become in recent years. SDN’s upcoming impact on carrier data services resembles, to a great extent, the impact of VM and Cloud on computing.”

“Decoupling data and control planes, once it becomes a reality, will reduce the complexity of managing multi-vendor, multi-platform networks. It will enable quicker adaptation to change, shorten lead times and make efficient use of network resources. It will enable automatic attention to details that are currently handled manually (e.g. QoS-aware routing).”

“Integrating SDN into the application layer will allow carriers to offer billable ad-hoc, on-demand, data-services, replacing the commoditized traditional fixed-line/fixed-bandwidth “always-on” services. Thus I view SDN as an inevitability, and one that will take the industry a big-step forward. I may even consider predicting that SDN will be a mature technology well before the world has completed the migration to IPv6.”

To read more, download the full interview here!



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